Monday, March 30, 2009

: It Wears You Down.

Chipping away one sane nerve after another. The bus is the destroyer of men, women and children. I have had to seek refuge in alternative modes of getting to and fro my place of employment. Last week I drove to the bus pick up spot in the sad street light glow of the 7-Eleven parking lot and saw the bleak faces of my ACF riding compadres, I just left and drove to Newark, parked and rode the PATH train to 14th street in Manhattan.

I did it twice last week.

The bus. It's a bitch.

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Anonymous said...

I did that routine for 9 years. Even a train commute from Montclair is an hour (with plenty of hassle). Every so often, I'd get this idea that I was smart enough to beat the system and I'd find this magic free parking space near the path train. I never did find it. The plain fact is that commuting to a job in the city from NJ is really fucking hard to do. Rarely are there any winners.

But I do enjoy reading about your observations of the Martz line. All those poor fucks who saw an ad in the NYTimes for cheap houses out in the Poconos. They get up at 4Am to spend $600/mo commuting to a 35K job as a building maintenance worker. They are initially happy they got their kids out of the gang-infested Bronx. Then they realize that they brought the Bronx out to the Poconos with them, along with the gangs. Try and live any closer to the city and you literally get killed on property taxes. It makes being poor rather attractive ;-)