Thursday, August 14, 2008

400lb Woman, and an Accountant that knows what he wants.

On the 9pm ACF going home. A very mellow "regular" crowd, lots of empty seats. An odd seating configuration happens.

The regular 400lb Scranton Woman was sitting by herself enveloping her usual 1 3/4 seats, and this very nebishy accountant dweeb walks down the aisle of the bus with this ear to ear grin and asks her "is this seat taken" of course she grunts "no it's not occupied". He giddily shoe-horns himself into the .25 percent of a seat.

The ugly bastard brother of Tom Selleck turns around to me and the other 5 or 6 dudes in the back of the bus and says "the man knows what he likes". He then clinks his brown paper bagged wrapped Bud tall-boy with the MTA Worker across the aisle. We all have a courtesy chauvinistic chuckle and go back to the grind of impatience of getting home to the ones " we" love.


Laura Galbraith said...

HAHA!! thats too awesome!

Anonymous said...

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