Friday, August 22, 2008

A tiny ray of tidyness, in the filthy of filthy.

I've never seen anything like it before. They are the freshest moves that have ever existed.

Feather Duster Man of Port Authority, is and always will be the smoothest man on the planet. Let me set the stage, the Port Authority Bus Terminal is the most vile repulsive public place in Manhattan. Winning the title of both physical filth and the type of people it attracts, myself included. In this blinding sea of scum exists FDM, Feather Duster Man. He is a tall lanky proud janitor that cleans the escalators leading down to the 7th ring pf hell, the basement bowels of the Port Authority.

He does it with such grace and beauty, it's as if he's floating on air. I wait in line to board the ACF mesmerized as FDM rides up and down the escalators cleaning and greeting all it's riders with a smile, a "yo it's almost over you'll be home soon" or a fist bump to the regulars.

The few times I catch the late bus at 11pm, I have witnessed FDM in his street clothes at the end of his shift. He is impeccably dressed in head to toe matching Louis Vuitton patterned sweat suit. Usually saying good night to the Bus Drivers. Always with a smile and a 1970's across 110th street strut. I think I can hear Curtis Mayfield playing over the PA as he ascends the escalator out of sight.

I'm yo pusha man.

Enjoy the tune of the last link, it's one the all time greats. And imagine FDM.

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