Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Is it really wrong to hate other people's children when riding the bus?

7:04.59 seconds. The ACF leaves exactly at 7:05pm every night.One second before the driver slams the door shut the loudest family slides in under the cut-off time. To my utter horror all 6 of them sit behind and next to me. They whine, bicker and nag at a mach 5 decibel level.

I am subjected to every detail of there insipid adventure to the big city to see the lion king. The utter disdain I have for every word they say is immense.

One second away from a nice peaceful ride home, even Sam Ash Dude is annoyed, his usually constant kick drum foot cannot stay in time with the usual Celtic Frost Death Metal he listens to, that you can hear 3 rows away from his iPod earphones. The lame PA family has even ruined his 4 beer buzz.


Devon said...

I feel for ya buddy! When I go into the city it is 2 hours door to door from Red Bank. Makes you want to rethink making the bigger bucks in NYC.

be_are_why said...

I kinda morbidly enjoy ot.

makisupa said...

I'm currently on a 5 for 6 night tear sitting next to a crying baby or a hyper toddler. I guess we'll see what tonight brings. I'm hoping the more commuter-laden 6:29p decreases my odds compared to the post 8p trains I've been riding lately.