Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ACF vs. Car.

Yesterday was a rare no bus workday. Was not a slave to the Bus company's schedule. I drove my car into work yesterday, the personal car trip to Manhattan always starts out great, you can drive over 72mph and not have listen to an annoying buzzer.

The car commute taunts you and deceives you. The first 95 percent of the drive is great, no sitting next to smelly, snoring slobs. But then you hit that last 5 percent of the journey, "the tunnel". The 3 miles before the tunnel in Secaucus is stopped and it robs you of all that time you think you have saved, and then actually inside the tunnel you crawl slower than a brisk walking pace.

The entire time you are watching a constant stream of ACFs in their own cozy lane blasting past you all the way from the stench that is Secaucus and right on through the tunnel named after the great emancipator.

Buses are created more equal than cars.

That last 5% of distance usually equates to 4o or 50 % of your commute time. An equation that creates the "perfect storm" for frustration, and the leading factor that triggers road rage.

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