Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Going Home; The Hardcore Commuter & The Oblvious Touristas.

In the morning this is not an issue, only on the evening haul home.

The Tourista; almost always from Scranton PA, usually the blue-haired crowd of ladies going to the big city to see some insipid Bdwy play. This variety cackles and giggles about how amazing the Lion King or other drivel is. The ladies routinely jabber more and louder from that extra glass of pink wine they had at the most fabulous Olive Garden in mid-town.

The over-tired cranky family; I'd take the above mentioned geriatric gang over this bunch any day. Dad would have preferred freezing his balls off in a deer stand than being in NYC with the old lady and whiny rug rats. Mom never shuts up barking the most obvious orders at the brats and the Bambi killer. The kids never sit still and have to play with their over priced American Girl crap, or the boys bickering on how to better kill your enemy on their PSP.

All the while us regular commuters curse them under our breath, and tell ourselves how my Spouse, Kid, Parent, or Grandparent would never behave like these socially retarded freaks going into NYC for a fun-filled day.

But deep down inside we'd be no different.

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