Friday, August 15, 2008

Site of old school infamy.

When making the approach into the Lincoln Tunnel curving around the helix, you get this picture postcard view of Manhattan from the dirty Jersey side of the Hudson River. At this exact location on the highway, two men squared off and had the ultimate throw-down.I can't recall the details of who dissed who and why, but the result was Alexander Hamilton was too slow on the draw and Aaron Burr capped his ass. Alex's homies put the signer of the declaration of indepedence on a boat and sent him back to the isle of Manhattan where he died a few days later. Why did they need to have the duel in NJ? Because it was outlawed in NY, another reason to love Jersey. Not sure what happened to Aaron?

But most days I usually just stare at Kate Moss on the David Yurman jewelry billboard in the opposite direction.


Phoebe said...


I encourage you to watch the following video for the world's best recounting of what went down between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton:

be_are_why said...

Thanks Phoebe. I put the link as the title of the post.

Anonymous said...

Aaron Burr is buried in the cemetery in Princeton NJ in "president's row" near his father, a past President of Princeton University. I happened upon this grave site compltely by accident on a visit to the town of Princeton.