Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Russian Princess

She is loud rude and obnoxious. She is at the front of the line she is a go-getter she must always be 1st.

On the bus now and of course she is in the front seat, with her sour-puss face and outfit 20 years to young for her middle aged scowl. I think she has channeled a 50 year old cold-war soviet Miley Cyrus.

Once on the ride into the city she berated E. Camara our mild mannered southern boy driver, she ranted for 10 minutes about how she was going to be late for work for his slow driving. She was banned from the ACF for a week. LIW would have a hayday with her I just know she must be an old school "Garmento".


philip said...

How come Russians are always hateful and have those scowls?

be_are_why said...

I am pointing out one particular woman who just happens to be Russian, I think. I have never spoken to her, I am subjected to hear overly loud voice jabbering on her cell phone waiting in line before I get on the bus. It could be a different eastern European language she is speaking, I am not versed in the differences of the languages from that part of the world.