Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I believe!

There is something very rare happening. I am not having to share a seat, The silk handkerchief with the "I heart jesus" motif pattern of the Church Lady is draped over the headrest directly in front of me. A divine symbol of today's luckiness. This immaculate event of having a vacant seat next to me on the journey to the city has only occurred two previous times in the one year span I have been making the pilgrimage of daily commerce.

Today when I pass the wacked-out subway bible zealot, I will try not to curse him under my breath. I may even go as far as cracking a smile for the Jew's for Jesus dudes in Union Square station.

If I could get an unoccupied seat next to me on the ACF each and every day, I may learn to tolerate people who believe in invisible deities/ people in the sky.

It's that good of a day... so far.

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