Monday, October 6, 2008

- ACF Snooze Posture.

There are two general categories of sleeping on the herky jerky ACF ride to NYC.

The Lean Back:
This choice of motion bound sleep tends to be the noisiest. The hardcore snorer assumes this position. Head tipped back, mouth gaping open sawing logs. The Leaned back reclining posture is the most safe for staying in the same position during your rolling snooze.

The Forward Slump:
This is how I spent the first two thirds of this morning's ride. Slumped forward with your chin in your chest, the side to side motion is your worst enemy. You are not nearly as stable. I have seen many an accidental act of intimacy between strangers. Hard-Assed Union workers nuzzling each others shoulders, female office workers spooning the Bukowski type drunk dude.

This morning in my slumped state I cuddled a very tall bald man with terminal dandruff. I'll brush off the snow storm on my right shoulder when I get in Port Authority.

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