Thursday, October 2, 2008

- Staring into the Sun

Sitting in the very front seat of the ACF, the sun has just revealed it's glaring self over the eastern horizon, the direction the bus travels. We drive directly at the fiery ball. The driver is sans sunglasses and refuses to use the sun visor, he just squints and barrels headlong forward towards the burning mass.

I do not get the romantic fascination with the sunrise. The sunrise signals my pathetic plight of having to wake up early. Never seeing a sunrise is true luxury. The sunset is the pay-off for a productive day, I get that romantic notion. But that ball of fire rising in the east every work day is nature's most obnoxious alarm clock. I know it's a new beginning, the genesis and all that, I don't buy it.

Passing through Newark now and the Driver refuses to put on his sunglasses sitting next to him, he will beat that glaring blob, he will out glare it.

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be_are_why said...

Actual photo of the ACF driver. He is the one that could not find his way in the rain and drove through Jersey City.

Note: This is not E. Camara, this is the new guy, he does not have a name plaque to identify himself, over the drivers seat.