Wednesday, October 22, 2008

- A Rare Breed in These Here Parts.

The Renzo Piano designed new New York Times building is directly across 8th Ave. from the Port Authority. The HQ for the old gray lady has had a serious make-over, she is stunning.

As I walked towards the new architectural gem, I could see a small crowd of picketers at the entrance. I'm always curious as to what people will walk around in circles and scream, chant and holler for. I must admit I once was a Union scab working in a rubber mill for over a year. When I approached I saw my 1st example of McCain/Palin supporters in NYC. They were very well dressed middle-aged women and men that looked like every other bland office drone. The throngs of people pouring past them for the most part ignored them, but I noticed two Union worker guys fly that middle digit in their honor.

Time to hop aboard the ACF and roll back home.

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