Tuesday, October 14, 2008

- Odd Sight in Port Authority Bathroom.

No it's not that naughty, but strange. You know those street performer dudes that paint themselves all silver? Every major city has a few. I had just finished my slice that I inhaled and needed a place to throw my oil-stained paper plate. I see the garbage can just inside the restroom, I go in dump my rubbish and as I turn around I see him. Silverman is removing his trademark reflectiveness in the sink. Everything is silver, the floor, the walls, the counter, he looked like he had been at it for hours.

As I take it all in and walk out I see FDM (Feather Duster Man) going in, by the never before seen pissed off look in his eye, he knew what was going on. I caught the distinct vibe from Mr. FDM that this was not silverman's first time making his colossal mess.

On the ACF and rolling through the tunnel back to the farm life of Jersey.

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