Thursday, October 16, 2008

- Go Go = Five, Five.

On 38th almost at 8th Ave, just one very short block from the Port Authority is one of my all time fave food joints.

Go Go Curry. I had enough time to grab some dinner, and had almost forgotten about this gem. It's Japanese curry over deep fried chicken cutlet and rice, you will be transported to a dirty back alley Osaka curry house.(And - I've been to countless curry dives all over Nippon) It's really that good and that authentic. The only odd wrinkle or asset depending on your point of view is that GO GO Curry is a shrine to Hideki Matsui, number 55 on the Yankees.

The word "GO" in Japanese means the number "5". So the translation is "Five Five Curry" They open at 10:55am and close at 9:55pm, anytime Matsui hits a home run and you are eating you get some free food of the month.

If you have a bit of time before catching your ACF out of Port Authority eat at Go Go Curry for under $10 bucks it will not dissapoint.

Make sure not to chew gum afterwards your, pungent curry breath will up your odds for not having to sit next to someone, it did the trick tonight.

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