Thursday, October 2, 2008

- The Big VP Showdown.

Palin is shockingly ignorant but at the same time rigidly opinionated, something which usually goes together. When shown for what she is, she turns the charm on in order to get her way regardless, and when that STILL doesn’t work, it’s all somebody else’s fault... Bush too got away with that sort of mindset, promoting paranoid fantasy over recorded fact, using lies and smears to ram his own self-glorifying agenda down people’s throats and playing innocent when there are “unforeseen” deadly consequences for other people.

All for the higher glory of what they call “God”, and/or “freedom”, but what rational people call the triumphantly inflated narcissistic SELF.

{ the above was copy & pasted from todays NY Times }

I can't wait to get off the ACF tonight and hurry home and see the big show. It's the same level of excitement as waiting for a WWF pay-perview to begin.

But sadly it's for real, I really wish Vince McMahon was scripting this.

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