Wednesday, October 1, 2008

- Chauvinistic Ramble

I'm on the 9pm bus tonight, before climbing aboard the trusty stead I had a quick pint at Port 41. As I watch the financial world crumble on the flat screen behind the bar a very sweaty guy with a large Macy's shopping bag full of zippo lighters asks if I want 2 for 9 bucks. I look them over and tell him sure, knowing full well he won't have the single to make change for my 10 dollar bill. That's cool it's part of the game.

There are a few physical items that just exude manliness, and the shiny weight, and clicking sound of a zippo is very close to the top of that list.
Other items on that list would include:
-Browning stack barrel 12 gauge shotgun
-1961 Triumph Bonneville
-Stainless steal Rolex Daytona
-Laphroaig single malt
and many more.

It's time to get off the bus now,

1 comment:

Laura Galbraith said...

whoa that was cheap!! i need to find this guy, i want one too!!