Monday, October 27, 2008

- Rural NJ Home Life infects NYC

Not directly on topic of commuting between the rural and the metropolitan life but personally connected to my world.

In my little town in the northwest corner of New Jersey we have a local farm stand, Race Farm owned and operated by the Race family for who knows how many generations. During the weekend we went apple and pumpkin picking and we were speaking with the Matriarch of the
Race tribe, Mrs Race. I found out she runs a farm stand in Union Square every Monday right across from the Coffee Shop, she went on to tell us her brownies were voted "best in the Union Square market".

My office is exactly opposite her stand, I went down and said hello to her Grandkids who run the NYC satellite of Mrs. Race's fresh produce empire.

So make sure you buy all your fresh veggies from the Race family, and don't forget about her brownies, they are the best.

Raining cats and dogs, supposed to be worse tomorrow, soggy rolling on the ACF in the AM. Will have a full report of every nugget of minutia.
Adios, Be_are_why.

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