Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Distraction Plateau

In the past I've listed some various distractions some of us numb-assed bus jockeys engage in. My two main time killing distractions outside of scribbling this drivel are; Attempting to become a Spanish speaking poker champion.

I listen to Spanish instruction MP3s (18 hours worth) on my iPod. I started back in March of this year, but feel I can't progress. I need an email or AIM buddy that speaks Spanish so I can write back and forth. I grew up in southern California, about an hour north of the Mexican border, so the language has always been in my ears.

The card shark distraction is me playing Phil Hellmuth at Texas Hold-em and never winning, Maybe if Phil spoke Spanish while playing I'd have both figured out.

Buena seurte amigos y buenos noches. Es muy tarde.

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