Thursday, September 11, 2008

The B&T perception of 9-11 & NYC

The Bridge and Tunnel crowds perception (which I now am an official member of) see's this event in a very different light. As I ride the chariot home across the highways of NJ I cannot begin to count the number of yellow magnetic ribbons and other trite tokens of people's outwardly public support for something most only know as an abstraction on a TV screen, and what the talking heads have told them to think.

In Manhattan where it "actually" happened and the most people that are, and were effected still live. The day of September 11th is much more respected with internal reverence. I'm talking about the loudest, brashest, most in your face of all Americans.

I still get very worked up inside while at my local small town diner I see the guy with the 9-11 trucker cap and support our troops t-shirt and I know he despises everything NYC is, and has lived his entire life in the cornfields of North West Jersey.

I realize this is all very judgemental, but it's what naturally brews inside me. An automatic disdain for the people and groups that use this day as petty leverage for there own narrow-minded ideals. People who view this event as an abstract, and not as a visceral reality that happened to real people.

Riding home on September 11th, 7 years later, not counting the magnetic ribbons on passing cars in the burbs and farmlands of New Jersey.

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