Monday, September 22, 2008

Port Authority Gets Cultured. And Moles The Size of Small Toes.

Waiting in line at Port Auth. to climb aboard the Ass Chariot in a Patron and Beer fuzziness. (Stopped in at Port 41) My ears catch something new, a Bach concerto is being pumped through the PA system. All the way down in the bottom basement pit of the skankyest of skanky. J.S. Bach is kicking out the jams. I'm waiting for Alex and his Clockwork Orange crew to appear and inflict a bit of the old ultra-violence.

Board the bus and have a seat, in walks Sam Ashe Dude, he is stunning, he struts up the aisle wearing a NY Rangers hockey jersey and plaid shorts. The dude is the man, no one else could pull this look off with such cavalier bravado as Sam Ashe Dude. He sits 3 rows in front of me and then I see them. Many moles the size of baby toes, they wiggle when he walks.

So much man, So much self confidence. He cracks open a Coors tall-boy and enjoys the ride home.

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Sean Flanagan said...

Have you been cataloging these people in pictorial form? Sketches? The written word is great, because it allows one to envision these mutants as only the mind could, but sometimes curiosity desires an actual sampling of the ACF and its horde of the living dead. I am looking forward to the day the ACF pop-up book for children and the ACF audio book show up on Barnes and Noble bookshelves.