Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In Search of Distractions.

It's a constant hunt to find distractions to pass the time while riding the ACF. Below is a list of activities me and my numb-assed bus riding compadres participate in during our rolling incarceration.

-reading books/magazines
-iPod listening
-DVD watching
-working on laptops
-schooling Phil Hellmuth in texas hold-em
-playing mindless games on your phone
-paying bills
-asking "where are we?" and "is this my stop?"
-beating Kasparov at chess
-staring at your pay check willing it to grow
-writing the next rap hit
-administering and receiving hickeys
-putting on make-up
-eating unidentifiable things from tupperware.
-drinking beer from tall cans
-mumbling religious prayers
-scratching your head for 15 minute increments.
-playing hand held gaming devices
-yelling at others for talking on their phone
-drawing pictures of the other riders.
-text messaging

And writing about it all on your phone.

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