Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dark and Dark.

It's getting to be the most discouraging part of the year. I leave and it's dark and darkness drags me back home. No more summertime 9pm+ sunsets. It may as well be like going through the Lincoln Tunnel from NYC the entire 50 miles home.

In a car you have the benefit of looking forward seeing the signs on the hwy tick off signaling your getting closer to your destination. On the ACF if you sit beyond the first three rows, you can only look 90 degrees out one side, the bus's headlights don't illuminate the signs from this vantage point so it's as if you are staring out sideways into the darkness.

The only semi-interesting view is looking directly down out the window at passing cars. I'm always hoping to see something exciting, like a crazy Penthouse Forum story roll past, but it never does.

If you are ever driving westbound on route 80 through NJ, and you see a white and red Martz bus between 7:05pm & 8:20pm give all us ACF riders something to talk and write about.

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