Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Curious Racial Migration Pattern.

Once off the ACF the next phase of the work-day journey is getting from Port Authority Bus Terminal to Union Square downtown via Subway.

I exit the bus and stay in the lower intestine of Port Auth. and walk underground for 3 city avenue blocks to the N,W,R or Q train.

It's during this odd subterranean walk that I encounter the daily racial migration. Every single day with out fail I pass walking in the opposite (west) direction a minimum of 300+ people that all belong to the same racial background. Every single person is under 5'2" tall with very similar medium brown skin tone high cheek bones and relatively flat faces. No one is fat and no one is overly skinny. Everyone is dressed casual, no suits, no dresses all look to be in their 20's.

What type work do they do? They all are on the exact same schedule every morning between 8am and 8:15am, never earlier or later.

My guess from having lived the majority of my life in Los Angeles is that they are Central American probably Guatemalan or El Salvadoran. I never hear any speaking. Ever. So I am not sure if espanol is spoken or not.

It has become a comforting constant of the commute.

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