Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A sound so powerful.

My iPod has no charge and my phone earphone jack is acting up. The result is having to be subjected to the "actual" sonic hell of the early morning ACF. To be able to harness the utter hatred of 6 gaping, gasping pie-holes of these snoring slobs could drive anyone to go postal. I wonder if Steve Jobs has any clue of his humanitarian force that he wields for creating the iPod.

I am wearing "that" pair of socks today that has one with no elastic to hold it up, I'm so tempted to take it off and cram it down the gullet of the snoring brontosaurus across the aisle from me. His constant gurgling and wet sounding chortle every 10 seconds is driving me to have very bad thoughts. As long as they stay as thoughts I'm ok, cannot let the thoughts cross over in to actions.

Just passed the Newark jail, it really is a thin line of civilized behavior that keeps us outside those walls. Today is one those days

I now know the living hell I must put my wife through on a nightly basis.

Snoring is an amazingly powerful force for hatred of any human.

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