Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sam Ash Dude loves Gang Green

Who knew the 5 times a trip, bathroom visiting, 3 Bud Tall Boy drinking dude is a rabid NY Jets fan.

Sam Ash Dude sits in his usual mid bus position, and across the aisle sits a guy decked out from head to toe in NY Giants gear. Oh man does this set off Sam Ash Dude. He lays into the unsuspecting Giant fan with a litany of stats about how Gang Green is THE superior NY NFL team. The whole time that he's laying down the law both his feet are in full death metal, double kick drum mode.

The Giants fan does not have a chance, he cannot come back with even one retort for his current NFL champs.

I'm not much of a sports fan, so this kind of religious zeal for a game you only watch and probably never play cracks me up.

Sam Ash Dude has visited the ACF rolling toilet a record 5 times in under one hour. That's a stat worth recording.

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