Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What's the Deal with Newark?

Every morning the ACF barrels over the iron bridges of downtown Newark, it's the most uncomfortable portion of the journey, bouncing over moon sized crater potholes and bridges over swamps and rivers that if it wasn't for the rust nothing would hold them together.

I have lived in Manhattan for 9 years and now 4 years in NJ and have never yet met or known one person who lives or works in Newark. Why is it not a cool place? It's closer to NYC than over half of Brooklyn, and has more transportation options.The downtown winds around the river and has tons of shoreline with little marinas with yachts sprinkled all over.

I see people and cars in Newark, but who lives or works here? Maybe it's just a big bumpy mirage between me and NYC. It's only purpose is to throw my ass out of it's seat and wake me up, cuz we're getting close to work.

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