Friday, September 26, 2008

"Not A Very Good Idea"

Most people who ride the ACF live far from NYC so that they can afford a larger living domicile. Maybe most are prone to claustrophobia of the average NYC apartment.

It's a rainy Friday morning ride, all the windows are fogged up, You only see traces of head and taillight streaks zipping past the windows like white and red tracer bullets. The guy in front of me keeps wiping a small port hole of clarity with his jacket sleeve. He must see out to the thing he sees everyday, I guess he is the watchman that makes sure nothing has changed.

The NY Times wrote that the nation's top economic academics from Harvard, Yale, MIT, and the University of Chicago all agreed "It's not a very good idea" referring to the 700 billion dollar bailout scheme the Treasury dept. has cooked up. They all say the proposed plan will do far more damage than good.

Rolling blind at 70+ mph in a tin trailer trash mobile home with a diesel engine twice a day is "not a very good idea".It's the price all us ACF warriors pay. Curious to see how the 700 billion will affect us and at what cost.

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