Friday, September 26, 2008

Insider Trading Frat Boy intell.

Two wall street entry level dudes sitting behind me. I hear every detail of their 1st tier finance world. They are going back to Scranton University's homecoming. They are slamming beers, talking ab out their new big city lives.

One of them works at AXA insurance and is bragging about how he was just given stock options in the company a few months ago at 18 bucks, and since the AIG crash AXA is now worth 38 a share being the jackal, and getting all AIG's business.

They are analyzing the drinking costs of NYC vs. Scranton. They both determine one night of drinking in NYC equates to one week of drinking in Scranton. But they would never trade back. The quality of going out drinking in NYC far surpasses Scranton, PA boozing any day.

Amazingly astute observations.

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