Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Radio Station in the Swamp

Every morning we pass over multiple bridges just east of Newark. An odd sight that always intrigues me, a radio station and it's transmitter sits on a pier in the middle of one of the swamps. I never quite catch what the old neon red call letters say, but I know it's an AM station. I think about the people that work there, what must it be like to work in this glamorous media outlet in the middle of a jersey swamp?

Tomorrow I'll make a point of finding out the radio station's call letters. My guess is that it's either a oldies station or a creepy bitter talk radio format.

I found out what the station is. It's WNJR and it broadcasts only in portuguese, Radio Portugal 1430 on your AM dial.

I have been corrected by a co-worker it really is WMCA I stand corrected.

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