Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Slumped Over Smugness.

The past 3 morning trips on the ACF I have been seated directly behind him. His free promotional windbreaker hood pulled over his always correct head of smugness. The rear view of that crinkled hood makes me automatically agitated. His seat reclined back as far as possible, my knees grinding the rigid plastic back of his seat imposing on "my" space.

He sleeps restlessly, that stupid windbreaker hood pulled over his head makes a constant sound that irritates through the volume of my iPod. I know the entire back story of that jacket, it was acquired for free while on a trip to Atlantic City, if you frequent the NJ Vegas on a regular basis you are awarded such luxuries.

When we finally arrive at our destination to begin another fun filled day of work, he stands up before the bus comes to a complete stop. He whips off the crinkly jacket in the final crescendo of sonic obnoxiousness, wads it up, stuffs it in his bag and stares at everyone in the bus. He must make sure everyone knows who he is, he's the king of the ACF in his mind, with that smug look of entitlement. His perfectly manicured mustache stare down at me in my seat and I know I'm leering back at him in repulsion, my knee that rubs constantly on the back of his seat hates him.

All 54 other passengers on the ACF are such an imposition to him.

Smug Man. You just want to punch him in the back of the head.

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