Friday, September 19, 2008

"...oooh that smell, can't ya smell that smell?"

The snoring green hoodie wearing walrus sitting in front of me is jolted out of his sonic slumber. He bellows in a volume I think louder than he expected "oooh that smell, can't ya smell that smell?" Word for word he correctly quotes the Lynrd Skynrd classic.

Every morning this week the driver of the #553 Martz Trailways ACF flys down the steep downhill of Route 280 through all the Oranges. The new driver with the sloppy tie has the tach pinned, tranny screaming like a rice-burner drifter, and then stomps on the breaks and almost does a stoppie. Now is when "that smell" hits all 55 ACF riders simultaneously. It's the metal on metal smell of brakes strained to their maximum. The smell is strong and strange to most, and then is gone almost as quick as it happened.

The green hooded walrus is back to full chainsaw effect snoring.

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be_are_why said...

Note: the photo is the actual Green Hooded Walrus.